Dream about Crimea

This is my first post in 2014.  I never used my blog until people sent me a response, for I didn’t think anyone was reading it.  My last post was about dreams.  This was a dream I had March 16, 2014 that was  about a current event that had already happened.  It was a horrible dream, and when I woke up I considered a nightmare.  After thinking upon it, I realized that God was commenting upon Putin taking the Crimea.

Crimea Dream

I dreamed that a large number of people were behind a tall fence.  It was like a prison, and the people were desperate.  They were waving their arms through the fence trying to grab things to eat from whatever walked near.  A person walked over carrying a healthy little baby girl, too young to walk, but not a newborn.  It had blond curly hair and bright blue eyes.  It was a white man dressed nicely in a suit that carried the baby to the fence, and the people waving their arms through the fence grabbed the baby, dug out one of it’s blue eyes with their fingers, and ate it immediately.  The starving people figured the child could survive with only one eye, but they contemplated upon eating the other one anyway, and maybe even tearing off it’s arms and legs and eating those too.  I was horrified and outraged in the dream, and then I woke up.

After waking up, I was so disturbed I walked around trying to shake off the dream which was very vivid, and the feelings it aroused in me.  I kept thinking about the dream the next day.  Although at first I  thought perhaps it was just a nightmare, it suddenly dawned upon me sometime that week what it meant.  The meaning became clear when I kept wondering about the vivid bright blue eyes of the child, and then I realized that the Ukraine had several major beautiful blue seaports through which the Ukraine could view the world, and the one ‘eye’ that Putin had  eaten was the Crimea.  The people behind the fence was Russia.  They are in great oppression, and the country still represents a type of prison.  The man walking over with the baby was Putin and those in authority in Russia who agree with his activities.  The interesting thing about the man was that he wasn’t behind the fence, as Putin knows no authority over him, and thinks he can do whatever he wants with the baby, which represents the Ukraine as a baby democracy.  The people who seized the baby and ate it’s eye are the Russians who agree with Putin that the Ukraine doesn’t need the ‘eye’, the Crimea, and that they should take it.  They would like to eat more of the child if they could, but haven’t yet.  There was no one who tried to stop the man from taking the child to the fence to the hungry mob.

The child in the dream was a healthy infant.  It was still in diapers, though.  Young democracies still have to work out many issues, just as the Ukraine is doing, it takes time for it to grow up.  The baby was defenseless.  I didn’t know where the parents where in the dream.  It seemed to not have any, like an orphan.  The Ukraine is defenseless against a big aggressor like Russia.  In the dream, I was an observer, outraged, and horrified at this act against the child.

This is how Christians everywhere should respond just as if the Ukraine was a child with it’s eye pulled out and eaten by a desperate mob.  This is how God sees the act.  He thinks we should be outraged, and we should rise up to protect the Ukraine from any other aggressions, just as we should protect a defenseless child.

This dream vividly shows us how God views this act against Ukraine by Russia and Putin.  He shows us to pray for the people of Russia who are in great bondage for their deliverance.  He shows us to pray that the people in Russia would be unable to digest the ‘eye’ of the Crimea, and would vomit it back up.  He shows us to despise a man like Putin and his administration who would commit such an outrage.  God’s judgement is upon Putin, and unless he repents, he has committed a crime in God’s eyes so severe that it will destroy him.  God shows us in the dream that we should protect the infant Ukraine against more atrocities, for the Russian mob behind the fence is still hungry, and will pull the infant apart and destroy it if they can.  He shows us that Putin roams free and can carry other infants to the fence if he desires to do so, as no one tried to stop him in the dream, but only watched, though outraged.

We must cancel this assignment of Satan against the Ukraine in the name of Jesus in our prayers, and declare that Satan cannot have the infant democracy Ukraine, and must vomit up the eye of the Crimea and give it back.  We must pray that God will have mercy upon Russia, and deliver them from leaders like Putin who wish to keep them in a prison of their own country.  We must rebuke Satan for using Putin to commit such outrages, and command Satan to be bound in Jesus name from doing through Putin to other baby democracies in the region what he has already done to the Crimea.  We must pray for the Ukraine and other baby democracies in the region to safely grow up, be healthy, and learn how to be adult democracies who can defend themselves.  We must pray for peace everywhere, and that God’s grace will be shed upon all peoples in every country, and rebuke Satan for attempting to swallow up countries and put them back into bondage when they have been set free.





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