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Friday, November 14th, 2008

This blog page is a template.  I chose the pre-made picture because of a dream I had about a party where people were celebrating Jesus.  In the New Testament, the vine is a symbol of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is symbolized by the New Wine.

God gives me a lot of dreams.  I write all my dreams down just in case later I will want to review it.  When something in my spiritual consciousness is bumped and I recall a dream about whatever, then I go to look up the dream in my dream notebook.  Many things I thought to be really goofy, turned out to have a wonderful spiritual meaning.  I dream a lot, and so I have lots of notebooks.  I’ve been doing this since 2002. It has been wonderful the way that God has been teaching me through my dreams.  It’s just like those little fun picture coded messages that you used to do in children’s coloring books.  Dreams are usually a message in code, although some dreams are direct like the one God gave Joseph about fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod when Jesus was a little baby.

Look up the dreams in the Bible that God gave people and see how they were decoded by the Holy Spirit so that they would know what they mean.

I have made some very important decisions based upon my dreams, but only when I was sure of the meaning.  Only the Holy Spirit can decode your dream for you.  It turns out for Spiritual dreams that when you know what it means, you won’t have any question that that is what it means.  When you know, you know.

Many of the symbols are just for you.  Other people cannot tell you what a dream means using their own symbols.  You might both get the same visual image, (for instance: a lawnmower mowing grass), but your friends might have a totally different meaning than what God gave you.  This is why I don’t usually use a book on dreams to decode my own dreams.  I have found some of their translations useful, but most of the time the same symbols the author uses are different for me.

It is helpful, however, to share your dreams with others.  Often their insights to the meaning clicks something in your heart that what they say is true.  If it doesn’t, then disregard what they say.  The Holy Spirit is the only true translator, so don’t go jumping off a cliff when someone says go.

First:  write down the dream just to keep it fresh and to not forget any details.  It turns out that the details might be very important.

Pray about the dream, let things rest, then look up meanings in a dictionary.  For instance: if the dream was about picking daisies, then read all about daisies, and so on.

Tell others about your dream and listen to what insights they might have.  Read a Christian book on dreams.  Read about dreams in the Bible.

As you earnestly seek the Lord and wait, he will unfold it for you.  Sometimes you will understand part of the dream but not all.  Sometimes it takes many years before you will understand a dream.

This is my very first blog, so I’m going to post this much and continue the discussion later.


Hello world!

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

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